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Psychiatry, Counseling, and TMS Treatment Center

Helping our community find hope, maintain balance,

and recognize their resilience.


Our mission to improve the emotional and mental well being of the 419 and surrounding communities, with a focus on the individual.

We aim to provide the highest standard of care to reach an accurate psychiatric diagnosis, provide evidence based treatment, and equip each patient with the education and coping skills necessary for their individual success. 



New Patient Assessment

During the first appointment,

you will meet with one of our licensed providers to explore emotional health challenges, define goals, clarify symptoms and diagnosis, explore strengths, and create your individualized treatment plan. This is the first step to create and optimize hope and balance in your life.


Medication Management
Follow Up

During follow up appointments,

your medication provider will review experiences had since your last appointment, including improvements and set backs. These sessions are used to provide brief therapy, adjust medications, and fine-tune health behaviors to optimize health and balance.


Individual, Couples
& Family Therapy

During therapy appointments,

your clinician is available to provide a safe, comfortable, and private location for you to explore areas of life that feel off balance. We are here to help you identify personal strengths, cope with unwanted emotions, and restore or create a life desired and designed by you.

Family Therapy Client, 2022

"It's been so nice to work with such kind and compassionate people 
while helping my daughter meet her needs."

Words from our team

Featuring various blog entries by our very skilled and very appreciated team of providers

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