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What's With The Succulents?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Authored By: Johanna Wilson, MD

Hope419 Vision: Our vision is to promote hope for a better, balanced, and more resilient self for members of the 419 community by improving individual emotional and mental health.


While creating my ideal image for Hope419 I really wanted a logo that symbolized what I see in the people I work with every day. A common theme I hear from the patients I work with is a sense of being out of control, and the feeling of weakness in their inability to manage their symptoms. Often times by the time they reach our clinic they have reached the point of hopelessness.

What we as clinicians see behind the patient story is strength, resilience, and endurance to carry on each day despite the burden and pain of the emotional distress. If only our patients could see themselves through the lens in which we see them. If only they could see what courage they had to get this far. I wanted my patients to be able to see the hope I have for them in one image. Thus, the succulent.

Succulents conserve water and flourish in very difficult circumstances. They remind us that we are stronger than we realize and even the most arduous of situations is not the end of the line. Because of their design and biological make up they are survivors and depend upon their own inherent strengths. What we see on the outside is something beautiful and resilient. This is what I want my patient's to see in Hope419's symbol of the succulent.

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