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Programs & Specialities

How do I get started?

Hope 419 proudly offers a variety of specialized treatment programs; however, all patients begin the same way - with their first appointment.

The first step is to complete the diagnostic assessment with either a medication or counseling provider...

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Medication management is available for clients interested in managing chemical imbalances

in the brain, which have been proven to

positively impact one's mental health.


During these appointments, your provider will

provide brief therapy, explore treatment options,

define improvements and make appropriate adjustments to further define success.

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Therapy is available for clients

interested in building self awareness, learning strategies to cope with difficult emotions,

and achieve success - as defined by you.

Our therapists use a variety of evidence

based practices, such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, 

EMDR, and many more.

Speciality Services

We are so proud of our well-rounded and ever-learning team of providers... here are some of their specialities



ADHD Testing

This can be one of the most influential diagnoses for individuals trying to make sense of their behaviors and set realistic goals for their future.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

targets specific areas of the brain that can limit effectiveness of medication.

We offer the only FDA-approved ketamine-based psychedelic treatment for acute suicidal idealization and behaviors, as well as treatment-resistant depression.


Healthy Lifestyle Support

Hope 419 proudly offers a range of services to walk alongside individuals trying to improve their health, habits, and self esteem.


Attuned Eating
Educational Group

Developed to help individuals recognize unhealthy patterns of behaviors,

prioritize health in their own way,

and get "in tune" with their bodies.

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