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DBT Educational Group
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Attuned Eating Educational Group
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DBT Educational Group

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is built on the foundation of four major skills:

mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation. 

While DBT skills can be taught during individual therapy, we encourage clients to participate in group to build knowledge, receive accountability, and feel encouraged to try new things! While in group, individuals are encouraged to remain active with their individual therapy provider to focus directly on decreasing symptoms and obtaining goals.

Attuned Eating Educational Group

Developed to create an interactive, supportive, and educational environment to help participants improve their relationship to food and their bodies.

Attuned Eating (sometimes called intuitive eating) was designed to help people develop healthier relationships with food and their bodies. Weight loss may be a happy side effect of attuned eating, but not the focus. Reject diet mentality and learn how to break the diet/binge cycle by getting “in tune” with your body.


Group Principles:​

1) Reject diet mentality 2) Honor your hunger 3) Make peace with food 

4) Challenge the food police 5) Respect your fullness 6) Discover satisfaction 

7) Honor your feelings without food 8) Respect your body 9) Exercise-feel the difference 

10) Honor your health

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