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Meet our Sister Company: Balanced Beauty Lifestyle & Wellness

The BB Mission

Thoughts from BB Creator: Johanna Wilson, MD

The idea behind Balanced Beauty Lifestyle Wellness was percolating in my brain for several years. It stemmed from sitting with patients, day in and day out who described doing very little, and often nothing for themselves. Regardless of the improvements we made to help the underlying psychiatric illness, the lack of core self worth and confidence issues would often remain.

On the rare occasion that one of these patients would express having experienced some level self care, there was always a smile and expressed inner positivity associated with their description. Life presents so many hurdles to everyday tasks, not to mention going the extra step to seek out something that might be fun and make us feel better about ourselves. All of our patients at Hope419 have already committed to self improvement by committing to therapy, medications, or the various clinical recommendations we provide.

Enter Balanced Beauty, a way for people to not only do the work of feeling better, but to enjoy the fun of doing so. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty with a balanced approach to esthetic and holistic medicine. We at BB propose not only focusing on disease, but on prevention, wellness, outward health, and that often overlooked concept of fun.

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